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Art By Eugén X 

Of course, we are as cool in the digital world - as the physical! This of course means that we are in <MetaVerse> :)

Art By Eugén will in the near future be available on OpenSea, where we will offer exclusive benefits related to our digital art.


Art By Eugén strives to offer the same qualitative art digitally as physically.

We have taken the first step into the digital world and will soon release our first NFT Collection.

The first collection is the digital answer to our favorite "Chanel and Other Drugs" & is released in a limited edition. All different NFT's are unique and no one is the same to the letter!

We will constantly expand our digital presence - so stay tuned for new releases! :)

So what do you get, besides a really heavy NFT?

First round of content:

  • Early access to collections

  • Exclusive releases only for NFT holders (Digital & Physical)

  • Mint pass for future NFT Projects

  • Invitation to future events, physical as well as digital

  • Owning an Art By Eugén NFT allows you to be part of our digital transformation early, do not miss out! ;)

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