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Why is it called Petereugén when our brand focuses on clothing?  

We simply have the unique and amazing opportunity to work with one of Sweden's most coolest and successful artists.

And thus, constantly developing and renewing our ideas. We can make our own unique designs based on exclusive original paintings. Since our original paintings have been shown around the world and attracted attention in large galleries and Artfairs it feels great to be able to present it in a stylish brand.

Chanel & Other Drugs quickly became our most popular shirts and the name is developed as a hint about today's consumer society. 

Our company is called Nobody - Peter Eugén and we think it's cool to be just that. Nobody.

We are a Swedish company and we are based in Stockholm Sweden, but our clients, customers and partners are all around the world. The best office you can have.


About the artist

Peter Eugén is a self-taught, exciting and talented artist and with over 60 exhibitions around Sweden and abroad he is one of the top leading artists in Sweden.

Several celebrities around the world have noted his art. Bruce Springsteen, Sean Connery, Phil Collins, Danny Trejo and Toni Robbins only to name a few.

He has also been seen in FOX NEWS, ABC NEWS, HERALD, NBC, CBS NEWS, Connoisseur Magazine, Artness Contemporary, Bucket List Magazine, Vouge,  Art Habens and many other news sites, not to mention numerous articles and interviews.

Peter Eugén's paintings give us the privilege of immersing ourselves in other people's emotional life. As Peter gets farther into the portrait painting of his models, his interest for the movements, expression and the small details of the characters are evoked.

By doing so he has made many personal studies of our contemporary icons.

In his expressive art, he picks out the characteristics that we consider to be associated with the individual's personality or attributes. Thereby he creates an imaginative reflection of empathy and passion in his paintings.


Peter is the artist who constantly realizes his views of strong characters and personalities both in an imaginative way, but also in some cases in a tough, fair and realistic view. However this is always done with a lot of empathy and warmth by the artist. By using his special talent he puts his own style and feelings into the motives.  


In 2014 he tested watercolor painting for the first time and got stuck. From there on he has quickly become one of Sweden's most popular watercolor painters and Peter now combines watercolor painting with the pop art, and this mix of two different arts can now be seen in many of his exhibitions. His watercolors are highly sought after and give a wonderful, dramatic and beautiful expression of his growing up in the Nordic landscapes.

Waterlily paintings have become Peter´s hallmark. These paintings are very popular in the Swedish auction houses and have gained a lot of attraction by Sweden's largest auction companies and galleries. 

Check him up here at Instagram and

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