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Terms of purchase
& Returns

Terms of purchase

§1. General

Eugén Group AB (559344-1750) only enters into agreements with adults (18 years). If you are a minor, the parent's permission is required.

Agreements are entered into in Swedish and English and we deliver worldwide.

Agreements are entered into when you choose to send an order at checkout.

The prices include VAT at 25%.

We reserve the right to, in the event of obvious errors, e.g. price or printing error to correct the error afterwards. If you are not satisfied with our correction, you can of course cancel your order free of charge. We also reserve the right not to place an order for e.g. the product is out of stock or in case of technical problems.

If you want to correct your order after order, we can only do this before your order has left our warehouse.

All goods remain the property of Eugén Group until the full payment has been received by the company.

Eugén Group AB reserves the right to cancel a purchase if fraud is suspected.

§2 Delivery


We ship packages worldwide. Sometimes it happens that one of the items you ordered is not in stock and is back-listed, ie we reserve the right to final sale. Should your order not be sent on time, you then have the right to cancel your purchase.

If your package and / or contents are damaged during transport when you receive it, report it immediately on the spot. If packages are lost during transport, you must notify our customer service within a reasonable time (2 months).

Eugén Group sends an order confirmation to the email address you provided before we send the goods to you.

Mode of delivery:

Consignment note: For orders that have a low weight and volume, delivery method Consignment note can be used. This delivery method is not available for cash on delivery or for higher product values. Consignment notes are delivered directly to your address.

Packages for agents: For orders for package agents, we use Postnord.
When your order has arrived at Postnord's delivery point, a notification will be sent to you.

Notification can be made in one of the following two ways, depending on whether we have a correct mobile phone number for you:

SMS notification to your mobile phone: The notification takes place on the same day as the package arrives at your delivery point.

Letter notification: When your package arrives at Postnord's delivery point, a notice will be sent to your home. Take avin and your ID with you to the designated delivery point to redeem your order.

To collect packages, you must be able to present valid identification. For collection from other than recipients, please contact us for more information or see information on Postnord's website.

In the event of any delivery delays or final sales, you will be notified. We can not offer any form of compensation due to a delivery delay or final sale.

§3 Payment

Card payment: You can pay with Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Choose card payment and follow the instructions. The goods are sent immediately after payment and no extra fee is charged. Card payments are handled by Klarna. Only cards activated with 3D Secure work.

Direct payment internet bank: For those who are connected to the Internet bank at SEB, Handelsbanken, Nordea or Swedbank. When you choose to make a purchase, you are locked into your Internet bank where you can log in in the usual way. The money is then deducted directly from your account in connection with you approving the transaction.

Invoice: We offer payment by invoice via our partner Klarna. When paying invoices, the goods are sent to the registered address. If you do not want the goods to your population registration address, please use another payment option. No invoicing fee will be added (SEK 0). Payment terms 14 days. In the event of late payment, a reminder fee, default interest and current reference interest are paid.

Partial payment: We offer partial payment in collaboration with Klarna. You can pay the entire remaining debt at any time during the installment period. The installment payment options we offer are displayed at checkout.

PayPal: You can pay with PayPal, select the option at checkout and then follow the instructions. You need an account with PayPal to be able to complete the payment. If you do not have this, you can easily register one at the time of purchase. The goods are sent immediately after payment and no extra fee is charged.

Swish: You can pay with the Swish app via your mobile device, select the option at checkout and then follow the instructions using your Mobile Bank ID. The money is deducted directly from the account you have linked to the Swish app. No extra charge. In the event of a return, the amount will be refunded through the Swish app. The transaction takes place immediately. You will then receive a notice in your Swish app that you have received a refund. 

§4 Right of withdrawal

You have a full right of withdrawal (return and exchange right) within 14 days of receiving the item. When returning a product that has been handled to a greater extent than was necessary to determine the product's properties and function, the consumer compensates us for any reduction in value that has occurred. The extent of the impairment is determined by Eugén Group AB.

The right of withdrawal can be used provided that the product is returned together with the labels and original packaging / school box that comes with the product. As a customer, you have the right to inspect the product, but you must not break seals. The right of withdrawal does not apply to underwear. In cases where the associated case, packaging, information leaflet and certificate of authenticity are not included in the exercise of the right of withdrawal, Eugén Group AB has the right to refuse the return. When returning goods whose delivery took place with home delivery, the same return routines take place as for other shipping methods.

Exchange: When exchanging, return shipping is free provided that the enclosed return shipping note is used. An exchange means that for each returned item you choose to buy a new item. Any difference is refunded. If you return a larger number of items than you change to, it is not defined as a return but as a repurchase, see below.

Return: You can return your goods to Eugén Group AB free of charge within 14 days and get your money back if you regret it. The withdrawal period begins to apply on the day you received your order. Use the Returnotan and our prepaid return shipping note attached to your shipment.

In case of error handling, you can choose between getting a new item or a full refund.

All returned goods must be carefully packaged to avoid damage to the item. You as a customer are responsible for the transport risk back to Eugén Group AB.

Complaints: If you complain about your item due to damage or incorrect production, we will make a manual assessment and possibly request the garment if necessary. Normal right of complaint is usually three (3) years, a discovered defect in a product must be reported to us within a reasonable time, ie as soon as it was discovered or should have been discovered. This is considered to be within two (2) months from the time the discovery was made. Defects that are discovered within six months after the product has been delivered are assumed to have existed at the time of delivery, unless otherwise stated. If the defect only appears later, you as a consumer must be able to prove that the defect already existed at the time of delivery, ie that it was an original defect in the product.

The first commitment in the event of a complaint is to rectify the error. If this does not work and the complaint is approved, we will replace you with a new product.

If we do not have the opportunity to replace you with a similar item, you have the right to cancel the purchase and get the money refunded.

Refunds are normally made within 14 working days of us receiving and approving your return. We can only make a refund in the same way and to the same account that was used at the time of purchase. 

Return address for right of withdrawal and complaint:
Eugén Group AB

Sjövägen 11

147 44 Tumba

Contact information for right of withdrawal and complaint:

§5 Assortment

Eugén Group AB reserves the right to make changes to the range and has the right to remove items from the range before a purchase has been completed. We reserve the right to any final sale of goods in the range.

Eugén Group AB reserves the right to make typographical errors in texts on this website. We also do not guarantee that all images accurately reflect the true appearance of the products. Eugén Group AB reserves the right to adjust prices and any price errors.

§6 Force majeure 

Eugén Group AB is exempt from sanction for failure to fulfill a certain obligation under this agreement, if the failure is based on a liberating circumstance as below and the circumstance prevents, complicates or delays the fulfillment. As a liberating circumstance shall be considered i.a. government action or omission, new or changed legislation, conflict in the labor market, blockade, fire, flood, sabotage, major accident or other type of natural disaster. Force majeure includes government decisions that negatively affect the market and products, e.g. restrictions in indication, warning texts, sales bans, etc., abnormal decline in the market and if the company is exposed to criminal activity that affects the business.

§7 Dispute

Complaints or comments regarding Eugén Group AB's services or products should be notified to Eugén Group AB's customer service via e-mail If you are not satisfied with our handling of your case, you are welcome to contact your local consumer counselor or the General Complaints Board (ARN), or Box 174, 101 23 Stockholm. We always follow ARN's recommendations. You can also use the online complaints platform available on the European Commission's website:

We do not undertake to participate in alternative dispute resolution procedures, but will take a final position on this issue in the event of a dispute.

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